About Us

Super Star Power Productions (SSPP) is not your average post production company. We are your one-stop shop for pre productions workflow, DIT and data management, editorial, VFX, beauty, audio, color and 5K finishing environment. Located in in Playa Vista (Silicon Beach) – LA’s fastest growing entertainment hub – we are able to deliver post production workflows that maximize filmakers’ creative control in minimal time. We service mid- to high-budget films and commercial productions and offer the professionalism of a larger post house, but at a lower cost, with attention to detail in an environment that’s naturally conducive to creativity — and more comfortable too!

We are fully equipped with: Quantel Pablo Rio 4K color and finishing system, 5K viewing, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut; SSPP features Barco 4K post production theater/screening room w/ Acoustic Smart seating; Klipsch 7.1 surround sound; Stewart Filmscreen Daily Dual screen system; and 3D RealD Ultimate Screen and more. We also have a cinema camera and equipment division. Contact Us at 310-883-4690.